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These are our Work Health and Safety Representatives who have undergone formal training in Work Health & Safety as per the Work Health and Safety Act of 2011.

Previously our team were called the QIT team (Quality Improvement Team) however due to the fact that we now have a quality and risk manager on board (myself) we can utilise the skills of the team in monitoring Work Health and Safety which is the role for which they were trained.

The skills and role they play within the workplace monitoring Work Health and Safety is invaluable not just as a conduit for staff but also to everyone who enters into the Workplace.

We can be assured that our WHS team will play a pivotal role in ensuring we continue to monitor and enhance safety and heath in our workplace.

The Work Health and Safety team are your voice whereby you can express your views and raise issues on any safety matters with them. They will raise these issues with management and will contribute on your behalf to the decision making process and rectification relating to those matters raised in a timely manner.