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As the world of aged and community care continues to rapidly change, we are faced with the ongoing challenge of keeping pace and meeting the needs of potential consumers.

Part of this is recognising and remembering that not all care is delivered within a residential care facility. While the core business for Quirindi Retirement Homes is residential care and retirement living, and will remain so, we must maintain an open mind and be willing to assist people with other types of care and support as required.

As most of you would be aware we commenced this process by making ourselves more accessible to the community,  with the opening of an office in the main street. This has enabled people to call in and have an informal chat about ‘where to next’ in a user friendly environment, when they may be down the street for other things.

We have received very positive feedback about the concept, as not everyone is comfortable coming to the nursing home to talk about the services available, so they can do that while they are down the street.

All this being said, the next step has been to consider what our advertising on the windows will look like, and if it actually reflects the care options available? After some lengthy deliberation and the members voted in support of a name change. We will now be providing services under the name of Quirindi Care Services Ltd, as opposed to Quirindi Retirement Homes Ltd. You will note the new logo and colours for Quirindi Care Services at the top of the page.

Once the signage has been completed, making it clear as to who we are, we will be holding a series of morning teas with an open invitation to all to come and see us and find out how we may be able to assist.

In relation to ongoing improvement initiatives, we are also reviewing the content and the regularity of our printed Newsletter, and how best we do this, to keep all our information current. Whether we like it or not, the majority of people today rely on electronic information. That may be in the form of social media, the website or an online forum. The fact that the ages of our audience is varied, we believe there is a need for a combination of all. We are currently working through the options and it is our intent to have an agreed strategy that meets the needs of all on in the coming months.

Until next time, take care
Jo Bailey & the Management Team