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I would like to welcome to Eloura our new Care Manager Fran Beare who is with us on a 3 month contract. Fran has years of experience both as a registered nurse & management in aged care. Fran will be assisting us to meet accreditation standards in preparation for our full accreditation due in July this year. Please don’t hesitate to come in and meet Fran and discuss any issues/concerns you may have in relation to care needs.

On another note, the flu season is fast approaching and we have obtained consent from our residents to have their influenza immunisation when it becomes available to the doctors. Please remember that if you have symptoms of a cold or flu please refrain from attending the facility.

As you would be aware, we have a Royal Commission into Aged Care at present and this is certainly welcomed by us as a provider of such care. The focus on Dementia is high on the agenda for the Commission and we certainly hope that as a result of this investigation that we along with all other Aged Care providers will be supported in dealing with this cruel disease and the complexity of managing those residents who unfortunately have this diagnosis…there is NO CURE.

I have taken an extract from the Royal Commission Report dated 18th January 2019 which is noted below for your interest.

“COMMISSIONER BRIGGS: (Stated) A key feature of our task is a focus on the future and what the aged care system in Australia should be. A world class caring system in which those receiving aged care and their loved ones can have confidence. One that is simple to understand, easily navigated and accessible to all, a system which has services that are compassionate, fit for purpose, customised to individual needs and to the highest standards in terms of quality and safety, a system in which aged care services are delivered effectively and that can be sustained into the future.”

Katherine Parker, Facility Manager