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We kick off the new year holidays with Australia Day. Celebrating this holiday begins on Thursday 24th January with a BBQ lunch. Nothing like a snag and onion cooking on the Barbie on a January day. Friday 25th January we will be having an afternoon ‘Happy Hour’ and on Saturday 26th January, Australia Day, residents and family can celebrate together.

On February 8th (best day of the year for my parents anyway) we will celebrate the Chinese New Year with some wonderful food made by the Hotel Services staff.

One of the new changes this year is in the dining room. You may have noticed our new table menus are on each table, as well as the daily list of food options on the top blackboard.

Just remember that if you have any ideas to make things easier for residents, or just would like a chat, that I am always available.

Tricia Landrigan
Hotel services Manager

Photo: Hotel Services staff setting up the tables ready for Residents to come and have their meals.